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The Main Offenders: A Basic Guide to the Most Common PA Nuisance Wildlife

Pennsylvania is a large state with towns ranging from 200 to 2 million people in size, so obviously some places have more room for wild animals to roam than others. While larger animals like bears, coyotes and deer don't cause too many issues in Montgomery County and Philadelphia, there are plenty of other types of wildlife that create a ruckus in our homes and yards. Here are a few of the common animals you might be up against in our predominantly urban, semi-urban and suburban environment:

Groundhogs: Also known as woodchucks, groundhogs are rodents that are very common in our area. While they're unlikely to invade your home like squirrels or birds, the damage they can do outside is not to be taken lightly. Their many burrows and tunnels can compromise the structural integrity of your yard or shed while also attracting other animals like skunks who make similar habitats. Look for these animals sunning on your lawn or in your garden eating your plants.

Squirrels: You normally see these animals doing their high-wire act on electrical lines or chewing on stuff in your backyard. What you might not have realized is that squirrels will gladly take residence in your home if given the chance. This means that any hole into your attic or walls will be taken advantage of, and once they get settled, the squirrels won't want to leave. Between the urine, fecal matter and ripped up insulation left behind, you won't want these animals as guests in your home.

Raccoons: These guys can get vicious, and they can also get into your house. Raccoons will not hesitate to move their whole clan into your attic if given the chance, and since they're larger, they product even more waste than squirrels. A female raccoon can give birth to 2 – 6 kits, so beware of the potential raccoon families to grow rapidly.

Bats: People are especially afraid of bats because of the idea that they can suck blood. While this concept is completely false when it comes to common Pennsylvania bats, you should still be wary of bats in your home. These nocturnal mammals tend to travel in large groups, so if you hear squeaking and movement in your attic at night, then you may have an infestation on your hands.

Birds: While deemed less scary than bats, birds can actually cause more damage by chipping away at the wood in your home with their beaks. In addition, the urine and fecal matter they leave behind can lessen air quality in your home and even lead to histoplasmosis. Night and day chirping and fluttering in your attic, walls or beneath your floorboards will tip you off to the presence of birds like pigeons, starlings and sparrows.

Opossums: Also known as opossums, these nocturnal animals have some of the sharpest teeth on earth. With their equally sharp claws, possums can be extremely vicious as they hiss and dismiss anyone who comes near them. If you think they're ugly now, wait until a female has a litter of up to 15 of them in your attic. Ew!

The bottom line is that if you have any of these animals infesting your home or yard, you need the help of professional wildlife removal experts. We at AAA Pest & Wildlife promise to humanely solve your problems with nuisance wildlife, so give us a call today at (215) 796-5177!

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