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Squirrel Removal

Philadelphia Squirrel Removal Specialists

Squirrels will stop at nothing to get into your home or business, using every possible hole in a building as an expressway to comfort at your expense. If you sit up at night listening to the running noises in your attic or have been frequently disturbed by the scratching and chewing noises coming from your chimney or behind a wall, then you need the help of AAA Pest and Wildlife, the Philadelphia squirrel removal and control experts.

AA Pest and Wildlife has been a trusted executor of Philadelphia squirrel control services since 2000 when Antonio Cruz opened the business. Since then, we have been actively engaging with the community to perform the following types of Philadelphia squirrel removal situations and related services:

  • Squirrel infestation in attic
  • Squirrel invasion in chimneys and fireplaces
  • Squirrels in walls or running beneath floorboards
  • Squirrel trapping inside and outside of the home
  • Emergency live squirrel removal
  • Carpentry and restoration of damaged areas

So whatever your situation, we will humanely execute the Philadelphia squirrel removal and clean up whatever mess the unwelcome guests leave behind.

Philadelphia squirrel exclusion

More complicated situations sometimes arise when squirrels have been living in a wall, chimney or attic for a very long time. In these cases, squirrels will often chew out multiple entranceways, create numerous nests and be especially unresponsive to basic repellents. Furthermore, when trapped and released outside, the squirrels commonly find ways back into their indoor habitat. In these instances, a straight-up Philadelphia squirrel removal won't do. What you need is a squirrel exclusion, which is sometimes a somewhat longer process yet always a guaranteed success when working when AAA Pest and Wildlife. The Philadelphia squirrel exclusion starts with vacating the squirrels from the residence, usually by way of a humane one­way door that does not allow them return. During and after this process, our carpentry professionals will ensure that every previous entranceway is prepped for squirrel exclusion or "squirrel­-proof." Once we've vacated all squirrels and squirrel­proofed the premises, we'll clean up the mess and your Philadelphia squirrel exclusion will be complete!

What are the risks of squirrel invasion?

So you might think that squirrels aren't that big of a problem in your home. Unfortunately this is not the case, as squirrels can cause costly damage while they stay as uninvited guests. Here are some of the most widely reported damages found upon the Philadelphia squirrel removal:

  • Completely ruined insulation from squirrel feces and urine, which can lead to asbestos exposure from the insulation and respiratory issues from the decaying feces and urine
  • Chewed and permanently damaged or dysfunctional wiring
  • Water leakage and damage from holes chewed in wood
  • Complete and total garden destruction

As you can see, squirrel invasions are not to be taken lightly. If you hear or see squirrels taking residence in your home or other property, you need to do something about it before the situation becomes even more expensive and detrimental to your livelihood. Honestly, they're not going to leave on their own.

There is hope, however -- the Philadelphia squirrel exclusion and removal specialists at AAA Pest and Wildlife are equipped with the best wildlife control products and techniques known to man. If you have live squirrels living among you, pick up the phone and we'll get them back to where they belong – outside!

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